The Trashley

Hand-Crafted Burgers

Although burgers are our specialty, our menu will please vegetarians alike. If you can’t decide any one of our Signature Hanghelds, create your own from our build-your-own Bison Builds menu.

The Smoked Bison

Bourbon & Craftails

We take our bourbon seriously and we appreciate those of you that do too. Celebrate this barrel-aged beauty with one of our world-class delights, treat yourself to our signature Smoked Bison or sample a hand-crafted concoction that will help chase the hanger away and let the happiness stay.

Craft Beer

Craft Beer

The quest for the ultimate craft beer begins here and we’ve got a hearty assortment of masterfully brewed options to choose from. What do your tastebuds command today?

Think Local

From local breweries and distilleries to our hand-built burgers, we are committed to sourcing only the highest quality ingredients. We think big. Not because we are a big chain or franchise. There are no shareholders here. Just bighearted people who are passionate about the gathering of friends and family to celebrate ordinary moments in extraordinary ways. We believe that food made with love just tastes better. So we’ve put together a team that truly cares about your experience. From the first drop in your glass to the last stab of your fork, our mission is to solve your hanger issues one bite at a time.

Bourbon Infographic