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Hangry Hour

Hangry Hour

Your parents did Happy Hour, we do Hangry Hour.

Hangry Hours
Monday – Friday 3 PM – 6 PM


Hangry Hour Old Fashioned
Hangry Hour Moscow Mule
Hangry Hour Cosmo
Nefarious Straight Rye
Old Forester Bourbon
Select Wines by the Glass
Select Pints

Small Plates | 5

Caprese Flatbread | 5
Pepperoni Flatbread | 5
4 Cheese Flatbread | 5
Bourbon Wings | 6
Fried Green Tomatoes | 5
Truffle Fries | 5

The Truth About Happy Hour & Hangry Hour

We all know, and love, happy hour for the discounted drinks that bring us and our closest friends, or people we drunkedly meet at the bar, together. It’s a concept that was first developed way back when and has evolved into an array of each restaurant’s own unique hours of serving popular wines and beer before you’re ready for dinner time. We can thank Shakespeare for creating the name happy hour, as he used it in Act One of Henry V when he states, “Therefore, my lords, omit no happy hour That may give furtherance to our expedition.” We know Shakespeare was a character, but we’ve got to give it up to him to coin such an amazing phrase that would be accepted into present-day as we indulge in the finer tastes of life… for a cheaper price.

Of course, Shakespeare meant happy hour not of drinks, but great entertainment in general, which, by definition, we have now revamped into the accompaniment of filling our bellies with fine wine from select hours Monday-Friday after the rigorous workday. The idea of having a designated spot and time to drink with friends was really more so developed by our good old rebellious friends of the Prohibition Era. Since alcohol was illegal by the state, rather than the state of mind, people did just about anything to get their hands on a bottle and turn their short free hours after work into happy hours, also known as cocktail hours in that time.

Finally, in 1959, in an article by The Saturday Evening Post, the term ‘happy hour’ was brought to life by the true meaning we know and cherish today. Cheaper drinks, friends, and more cheap drinks, that’s what happy hour is all about right? That’s what your grandma is used to, that’s what your mom is used to, that’s what you’re probably used to.

It’s time we forget the old customs and put a modern spin on happy hour.

It’s time for a new tradition… one we start with you.

We’re talking about Hangry Hour.

People try to guzzle down as many drinks as they can before happy hours ends, focusing on the money they’re saving instead of enjoying the taste and feeling of each crafted cocktail, hand-crafted to your liking. If you find yourself doing this, you’re doing it wrong.

Hangry Hour isn’t about half-priced boring beers and appetizers you are used to consuming. Hangry Hour is about getting out of your comfort zone, it’s about trying new things and enjoying the experience. At Hangry Hour, we spice things up. That’s why we have crafted together a list of specialty Hangry Hour drinks for you to try, not just the same common cocktails you find at happy hour.

At the top of the list, we’ve got the Hangry Hour Old Fashioned for our prime-time whiskey lovers. Then we have the Hangry Hour Moscow Mule for when you’re feeling a little spicy but want a twist on your drink (getting out of the comfort zone). Of course, we can’t forget the classic Hangry Hour Cosmo for the happiest and hangriest of the bunch.

Hangry Hour is about sophistication, and feeling good. Which is why we also offer $5 small plates so your stomach can be filled just enough to feel only the blissful-effects of our special craftails without spending all that change in your pocket. One of our best items is a fresh and crisp four-cheese flatbread, perfect to fit the ambiance of the epicurean lifestyle Hangry Hour is all about. But hey, we get it, sometimes staying in our comfort zone and drinking our favorites with friends is what you look forward to the most. So yes! We do have several pints, wines, and wells that are included, along with slap-happy bourbon wings and truffle fries because who are we kidding, nothing screams happy like truffle fries.

So whether you’ve been around since the introduction of happy hour or have only just begun to enjoy it, let’s come together and start a new tradition. A tradition that allows each one of us to enjoy both comfort and exploration as we satisfy our hangry side.